John Guandolo: Muslim Cab Drivers, Airport Workers, Convenience Store Owners Part Of Coordinated ‘Insurgency’

John Guandolo, the disgraced FBI agent turned anti-Muslim activist who is still occasionally called on to train law enforcement officials about Islamic extremism, was one of the speakers at August’s “Breaking the Silence” conference in Colorado Springs. At the conference, Guandolo tried out what seems to be a new standard talking point, claiming that American Muslims are getting jobs at airports, hotels, convenience stores and cab companies as part of an “insurgency” and an “intentional plan” to “occupy the land.”

Guandolo warned of Muslims in big cities “driving cabs at the airports” and working in baggage handling, claiming that a baggage official at Phoenix’s airport is a “Hamas leader.” (The airport worker in question, according to Guandolo’s blog, was actually just an activist with a state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.)

“If you go to the biggest cities,” he continued, “and you see in the most prominent hotels, the manager or assistant manager, and that goes for Colorado, they’re Muslim. Now, I just want to ask, what’s the statistical probability of that? And I will tell you, it’s zero. So that means there’s an intentionality about it. Why are they driving the shuttle buses at the airports—primarily, not 100 percent, but at some of the major airports? Why are they buying up Quik Marts, 7-Elevens in areas, and local hotels? You have to look at this from their perspective, everything they’re doing.”

“Why are they building huge, $100 million mosques in areas where there are like 100 or 90 Muslims, you know, there may be 80 Muslims?” he asked. “Because, as we talked about yesterday, when they build a mosque they’re claiming territory, now all they have to do is occupy it. So they’re calling Muslims to occupy the land. All of this, they have an intentional plan and it’s based in Islamic doctrine and they’re putting it to work through what they’re doing.”

“So when we look at the level of penetration that they’ve made from a military perspective, this is an insurgency,” he said.

He told the audience that they needed to work with local officials to form a “counterinsurgency,” although he warned that Muslims are now holding elected office too. “So isn’t it interesting that Muslims are going into those positions of the electrical grid, the water supply, all these little local and county positions,” he said. “They’re not doing it accidentally.