John Guandolo Excuses Attack On London Mosque

Earlier this week, anti-Muslim activist John Guandolo spoke on the “Stand in the Gap” radio program about Monday’s terrorist attack in London, where a driver charged into a group of Muslims who were leaving their mosque after worship. The attack left one man dead and two others in critical condition.

Rather than expressing remorse, Guandolo said that his “first professional response” to this tragedy “is not to believe at face value anything the Muslims at the scene are reporting.” Guandolo went on to explain that the reports about the attack ought to be greeted with skepticism, “especially since the jihadi mayor of London immediately stepped in and is already making statements which raise red flags.”

Guandolo stated that the Finsbury Mosque, where the attack took place, was a logical target for a revenge attack against Muslims since the mosque, he claimed, “has been known for a long, long time inside of Britain as a jihadi mosque.”  Despite the fact that the mosque had been awarded for its efforts in fighting Islamic extremism, Guandolo claimed that it had regularly preached violence “while the British government and British law enforcement does nothing.”

“In the last two years, British subjects of the Queen have been killed in increasing numbers, and the British government comes to the defense of the Muslim community” Guandolo said. “The people in London elect a jihadi, a suit-wearing jihadi, Sadiq Khan, as their mayor, so people who are still sane there, are having to make very difficult decisions.”

Guandolo said that, as such, the attack on the mosque was akin to an act of self-defense, asserting the circumstances leading up to the event were “no different” than “if we had a Soviet military outpost in the United States that was conducting operations and our government did nothing, and finally citizens said, ‘I don’t know what to do, we’re pleading with you to defend us and you’re not. We are going to do the only thing we know to do.’”