John Guandolo Discovered Another ‘Jihadi’ Working In Plain Sight

John Guandolo is a disgraced former FBI agent who has remade himself into a radical right-wing activist and anti-Islam crusader who peddles conspiracy theories and offers training to law enforcement agencies around the country through his organization Understanding The Threat, which claims to be “the only organization in America which is training leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, military personnel, and citizens, about the Global Islamic Movement and the jihadi networks in communities around the nation.”

As we noted last year, Guandolo’s “expertise” on identifying jihadis seems to primarily consist of declaring that anyone with dark skin and a beard is a terrorist, which was something that he put on display again this weekend as he was flying out to speak at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, Arizona:

Not surprisingly, Southwest Airlines did not particularly appreciate the fact that Guandolo was baselessly accusing one of its employees of being a “jihadi” and reported Guandolo’s tweet to Twitter:

Guandolo’s original tweet has since been removed, but that presumably won’t stop him from continuing to falsely label as a terrorist anyone who looks like they might be Muslim, and it probably won’t undermine his career as a right-wing anti-Islam activist in any way.