John Guandolo: It Does Not Violate the First Amendment to Fire All Muslims Working for the Government

Last month, disgraced former FBI agent and anti-Islam conspiracy theorist John Guandolo appeared on the “Caravan to Midnight” program, where he asserted that it is entirely constitutional and justifiable to remove all Muslims from every office in government on the grounds that Islam is “a totalitarian system governed by a foreign law.”

Host John B. Wells said that every branch of the federal government has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and asked Guandolo if it would be possible to fire all the Muslims because they have “the wrong affiliations” simply by virtue of being Muslims, which means that their “religious beliefs are in conflict with our republic.”

Guandolo replied that doing so was, in fact, quite possible.

“Legally you can, constitutionally you can, absolutely,” Guandolo said. “Nowhere does Islam … define itself as a religion, merely a religion. As a matter of fact. we have done numerous videos and articles [showing] that in the most widely-used textbook for 12-year-olds in US Islamic schools, on page two, they teach—this is a quote—’Islam is not religion, however, but a complete way of life.'”

“They teach that Islam is a complete way of life—social, cultural, military, political, and religious—all governed by a foreign law: Sharia,” he added. “That makes it a totalitarian system governed by a foreign law and there is no First Amendment protection for imposing that on US citizens.”