John Guandolo Defends Racially Profiling An Airline Employee: ‘A Sharia-Adherent Muslim Is A Jihadi’

Earlier this week, we noted how disgraced former FBI agent and current radical right-wing activist and anti-Islam crusader John Guandolo had set off a controversy when he tweeted out a photo labeling a Southwest Airlines employee a “jihadi” simply because he had dark skin and a beard.

The tweet was ultimately removed, but Guandolo is standing by his assertion nonetheless, saying on his radio program on Monday that he had come under a “coordinated attack” by “the lunatic left” for simply pointing out the “clear indicators” that this airline worker was a “Sharia-adherent” jihadi.

“When I am at an airport and see a clearly Sharia-adherent Muslim working with a TSA uniform on or [for] foreign airlines or sitting at a security desk in full hijab or a complete burka, I will take a picture and usually tweet it out,” he said. “I was boarding the flight from Dallas to Phoenix, took a photo of the Southwest Airlines employee standing there who is clearly part of the baggage team coming in and out and is a big, barrel-chested guy—probably about 6’1 or something—with an absolutely perfect Sharia-adherent beard, shaved head, and I snapped a picture and sent it out, saying, ‘I wish this was surprising, a jihadi working for the airlines.'”

“There were clear indicators that that was a Salafi, which means a Sharia-adherent Muslim, one who follows in the footsteps of the prophet Muhammad, who killed, raped, tortured and married a six-year-old,” he continued. “When you look at Sharia-adherents, what we teach law enforcement is you can see visual indicators of Sharia adherence and what we know is that when you see Sharia adherence in a community growing, it means the likelihood of violence, there is a one-to-one correlation … When you look at how they pray, what they wear, the Sharia-adherent beards, not wearing jewelry, all of that—and there is much more to it—then that is an indicator of Sharia adherence, which means you are looking at a jihadi. A Sharia-adherent Muslim is a jihadi.”