Jim Bakker Is Excited For Donald Trump To Usher In The End Times

During his “Black Friday” special last week, Jim Bakker continued to gush over Donald Trump and extol his election as president, but this time with a new twist: Trump, he said, may usher in the Last Days.

While hawking his survivalist products, the right-wing televangelist said that Trump may rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem and hasten Jewish immigration to Israel, citing two articles from an End Times outlet called “Breaking Israel News.” One article quotes neo-Zionist Hillel Weiss urging Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to work together in rebuilding the Temple, and the other discusses two rabbis who have called on American Jews to see the election “as a clear message to come home to Israel.”

“Putin and Trump, I don’t know what’s going on, but they’re talking about helping Israel rebuild their Temple,” Bakker declared.

“When they start talking about building the Temple and the Jews all coming back to Israel, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords comes after that,” he added.