Jim Bakker: Trump’s Election Is ‘The Greatest Miracle I Have Ever Seen’

Right-wing televangelist and End Times prepper Jim Bakker hosted an election night broadcast at which jubilation erupted once the networks began officially declaring that Donald Trump had won.

“Donald Trump is president!” Bakker declared, as music began playing and audience members danced in the aisles with joy.

Once things calmed down a bit, Bakker stated that Trump’s election was “the greatest miracle I have ever seen.”

“All the wise men said, ‘No, it won’t happen,'” Bakker said. “They had the numbers. They said it can’t [happen.] Almost everybody around me was giving up. The prophets were even giving up because they were showing the odds and the number and they said the numbers aren’t there. All the polls were wrong! All, all the polls were wrong and the prophets were right! God was right!”

Now that Trump has saved America, does that mean Bakker can stop relentlessly pushing the sale of his End Times survivalist food buckets?