Jim Bakker: God Will Punish America If We Don’t Elect Donald Trump

Jim Bakker, one of Donald Trump’s most vocal televangelist supporters, warned on his program today that God will judge America for failing to elect Trump president. This election, Bakker said, could determine whether America survives or falls, because God is getting ready to punish the U.S. for keeping abortion legal.

“This may be the most important television show you’ve ever watched,” he said. “I believe this election is the difference between having the time to really prepare for what’s coming on earth and going into, I believe this fall is really the beginning, and I hate to say it, I’ve never said it before, but could be the beginning of the fall of America. We’ve got a choice to make and we can do something.”

Later, Bakker told pastors Frank Amedia and Darrell Scott, who both have ties to the Trump campaign, that God chose Trump “to literally wake the church back up because we have accepted abortion. We have accepted it and God is so grieved by it that if you don’t believe me, you watch what’s coming on this earth because we have murdered our own offspring.”

Scott, for his part, said that “this liberal Democratic platform is being mightily used by the devil to take America down.”