Jesse Lee Peterson: The Democratic Party Is Controlled By Demonic, Man-Hating Women

Right-wing commentator Jesse Lee Peterson kicked off his radio program today by declaring that the female Democratic senators who questioned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh about the sexual assault allegations against him during his testimony yesterday hate men and are controlled by Satan.

“The Democratic Party is now controlled by angry, man-hating, God-hating, good-women hating, children-hating, the unborn child-hating women,” Peterson said. “They hate men. They hate good. They hate God. The Democratic Party is controlled by feminist women who hate everything that is good. Satan is their father.”

Peterson said that the men in the Democratic Party are nothing but “beta males who are girly men” who “don’t have the manness, who don’t have the courage” to assert their biblical authority over women.

“Those women who control the Democratic Party hate men [and] hate God, because men represent God on earth.” Peterson asserted. “It’s a spiritual battle, folks. It’s warfare between good and evil. It has nothing to do with being male or female, it’s the god that you serve and the Democratic Party is of its father, the devil; and all the little Democrats running around represent Satan. They’re evil people.”