Jesse Lee Peterson: New Zealand-Style Mosque Attack Could Happen Here Because ‘Muslims Are Treated Better Than the Christians and White People’

On his radio program this morning, right-wing commentator Jesse Lee Peterson reacted to reports about the racist attack on mosques in New Zealand that left nearly fifty Muslim worshipers dead by warning that such an attack could happen in America because “the Muslims are treated better than the Christians and white people.”

Peterson said that “if white people get angry … this is what’s going to happen,” asserting that white Antifa activists are terrorists who are being protected by the Democrats while “normal whites” are being called racists and white supremacists simply for being conservatives and Christians.

“You gotta start standing up before you get too angry and out out control in this country, folks,” Peterson said. “In this country, the Muslims are treated better than the Christians and white people in America. We just saw where they allowed two Muslims to become congressmen in our government, and that is not good. Those two women hate Israel and they hate America.”