Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Black People Have Brought [Racism] Upon Themselves’

Last week, a video went viral showing a white woman harassing and following a black man who was attempting to return to his loft in a luxury St. Louis apartment complex.

When D’Arreion Toles returned home from work last Friday, he was confronted by a white resident who attempted to block his entrance while demanding that he produce proof that he lived in the building. When Toles refused, the woman followed him to his apartment and called the police.

Right-wing commentator Jesse Lee Peterson weighed in on the story on his radio program yesterday, and predictably blamed black people for the confrontation.

“Black people have brought this upon themselves,” Peterson said. “They’ve been so violent over the years. They fight against police. We’ve seen knock-out games. We’ve seen where black people are going into the suburbs, they’re robbing and raping and murdering. And rather than stopping it or being corrected, they’re blaming it on racism or white people.”

“So now you have white folks who have no other choice but to look out for themselves when they see a black person,” he added. “They don’t know who you are. They don’t know you might not be a criminal. They don’t know that you are a professional person; you’re black and the majority of black people are out of control, especially when it comes to dealing with white people.”

“If you’re white, you have got to protect yourself,” said Peterson.