Jesse Lee Peterson Blasts ‘Stupid’ White People Who Tried To Prevent Two ‘Bad Blacks’ From Being Arrested At Starbucks

Last week, two black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia after a manager called the police because the men, who were reportedly waiting for a business associate to arrive, had not ordered anything and refused to leave. The incident sparked widespread outrage, but black conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson had nothing but disdain for the “stupid” white people who tried to prevent these “bad blacks” from rightfully being arrested.

“The police showed up and asked them to leave and they still would not leave because blacks have been taught now that they do not have to respect the authority of the police,” Peterson said on his radio program today. “This has been in the making for years now by the race hustlers; they’ve been telling black youth that cops are against you because of your color and whenever they stop you or deal with you, it’s because of that. And because most blacks are already angry at their mothers and yearning for their fathers, they believe that lie that the cops are after them.”

“There were white people in this place,” he continued, “and they were, according to reports, eagerly happy to assist the black people, calling it racism, saying to the cops, ‘Why are you arresting them? Is it because they’re black?’ White people who do this, you’re stupid because you are only encouraging black people to hate you even more so. By pandering to them, pretending to love them, going along with them when they’re wrong, you’re making them hate you even more so. They’re not going to love you for that.”

Peterson insisted that “good black people are not getting in trouble [because] they’re doing the right thing, they’re following the laws of their hearts and the laws of the land” and so “these godless blacks and white liberals, who are of their father, the devil, have to go out and stir up and use the bad black people.”