Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/9/17

  • Bryan Fischer’s “good friend” Rep. Raul Labrador will be running for governor of Idaho.
  • Don Boys laments that “homegrown barbarians have taken control of most of America while Americans, including Christians, only yawned with maybe a shake of the head in disgust.”
  • NOM is not happy with President Trump’s recent executive order: “President Trump has so far failed to deliver on his repeated promises to do everything in his power to protect the religious liberty of people of faith and faith-based groups. The Executive Order he signed last week was empty of any meaningful protections when it comes to those who have been targeted by the government for their beliefs about marriage, gender and human sexuality.”
  • No, anti-Trump activists are not being paid to protest.
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson says that some people can be born gay “if their mother is angry” while they are in the womb, resulting in them being “spiritually traumatized.”