Jesse Lee Peterson: If There Were No Black People In America, We Wouldn’t Have As Many Murders And Riots

Today in WorldNetDaily, columnist and radio host Jesse Lee Peterson declared that without “black people in this country,” there would “hardly be any riots, and the murder rate might drop by half or more.”

“Blacks and Democrat would-be voters are disproportionately represented among violent offenders in prisons,” he said, claiming that black people are prone to violence because instead of building relationships with their fathers and God, they were “brainwashed” into believing that racism exists.

Peterson pointed to Trayvon Martin’s parents, alleging that their son died because of their poor parenting and lamenting that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Women’s March on Washington gave Martin’s mother a platform to push “a godless leftist agenda.”

Without black people in this country, I think there would hardly be any riots, and the murder rate might drop by half or more. Blacks and Democrat would-be voters are disproportionately represented among violent offenders in prisons. Most are also separated from their fathers.

I’m not suggesting we get rid of blacks or Democrats, but that we return people to fathers, to responsibility, forgiveness and God. When you are angry, you reject responsibility, you are unforgiving, you don’t know God, and you don’t love anyone. You are out of control.

Angry people feel like victims and identify with others who are angry and emotional, who also feel like victims.

Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, who divorced before he was 5, lived selfish, unstable lives during their son’s childhood. Before he could finish high school, Trayvon became a thug who was into drugs, suspended for fighting and suspected of burglary. In February 2012, Trayvon should have been in jail, but instead he allegedly attacked neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, whom he called a “creepy-ass cracker.” He pummeled George and allegedly threatened his life. (The media and politicians lied about this situation too, as they’d later do in Ferguson with the circumstances of the poorly raised thug Michael Brown’s death.)

Now Trayvon’s parents have written a book to defend their son’s “legacy.” Instead of telling the truth that they failed their son, and warning others not to make the same error they did, they are seeking money and fame and pushing a godless leftist agenda. Fulton spoke at the DNC with fellow “Mothers of the Movement” to validate Black Lives Matter and campaign for Hillary Clinton. She spoke at the morally filthy Women’s March on Washington to push false victimization narratives. She sets a bad example, yet the media honor her as wonderful. Trayvon’s violent rage, which killed him, testifies against her.

If people on the left truly want to improve and save lives, they should be honest about the destruction of anger in their lives and in their families, rather than justify and excuse anger as good.

Barack Obama is “hopeful” about members of the younger generation because of their anti-racist attitudes. The young have been brainwashed to be combative against a “problem” (“racism”) that does not exist. They also support homosexuality and socialism like no other generation.

Christian parents, if you don’t want to lose your children to leftism, atheism and the like, drop anger.