Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Zero Hour Is Here

  • Lance Wallnau was in Washington, D.C., today where he and others prayed over the White House and will be praying in the Senate chamber tonight.
  • Turning Point USA president Charlie Kirk is saying a prayer for Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Thirty seven conservative pundits sent a letter to The Washington Post asking the paper to stop identifying Jennifer Rubin as a conservative writer after she wrote that she opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.
  • Right-wing radio host Dave Hodges warns that the confirmation of Kavanaugh will signal the start of a Chinese/Russian EMP attack on America, launched from Puerto Rico.
  • Lisa Boothe thinks left-of-center voters are “sheep people who don’t care about the facts.”
  • Apparently, President Trump is responsible for saving the life of Jerry Falwell Jr.
  • Finally, Janet Porter weeps over God’s mercy in saving this nation from the “death of the Constitution” under Barack Obama.