It Took Caesars Less Than 24 Hours To Cancel Stew Peters’ ‘Extreme Accountability Event’

On Tuesday night, far-right broadcaster Stew Peters announced that he would be holding an “Extreme Accountability Event” in October at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel and Casino in New Jersey.

On Wednesday, Right Wing Watch reported on Peters’ plan, noting that he is a virulent antisemite and racist who has openly advocated violence and called for the overthrow of the U.S. government. RWW also revealed exactly what Peters had in mind for this event:

According to the website, the theme of the weekend will be “Nuremberg 2.0” and the event will feature “drinks and specialty cocktails all weekend like ‘The Retribution’ and ‘Bloody Bidens,’” as well as “a red-carpet ‘Gallows Gala’” and a “Gallows and Mimosas” brunch.

But the highlight of the event will be a literal book-burning, reminiscent of those that occurred in Nazi Germany, which Peters has repeatedly praised.

By Thursday, Caesars had canceled Peters’ event and, predictably, Peters used his show that evening to lash out at RWW and other outlets that had reported on his plans.

“Just one day after we announced the Extreme Accountability Event,” Peters fumed, “these people at Right Wing Watch, these lizard things, these pedophile-enablers at Right Wing Watch … these parasites at Right Wing Watch and the rest of the corporate media came out running hit pieces on me, and you, and our event.”

“In response, the cowards—who we now know are pedophile-enablers—at Caesars of Atlantic City, New Jersey, canceled on us,” Peters complained. “Their whole legal team, a team of lawyers was in a complete panic based on the lies told by Right Wing Watch, and Newsweek, and Raw Story. It took less than 24 hours for the Extreme Accountability Event that was announced right here on ‘The Stew Peters Show’ to be shut down by Caesars, who knew exactly who I was, who knew exactly who we are, and what it is that we plan to do, and who it is that we plan to protect. But they booted us off of their reservation list so they could try washing their hands of the entire thing as quickly as possible.”

Undaunted, Peters announced that he is working on moving his event to Florida and vowed that it will feature “an even bigger bonfire.”

“We will restore order to this country,” Peters pledged. “We will restore the rule of law in this country, whether these people like it or not. They can run their little fake hit pieces. They can call up Caesars or any other place that they would like and complain about us, but they will not stop us from cleansing our society. They can’t stop any of you from ripping the filth off of the shelves at these public schools, from writing it out of the textbooks, from burning all of it in a massive bonfire for national salvation. And now, we’ll have an even bigger bonfire, we’ll burn even more of these perverted pedophile training manuals, and we’ll have an even bigger impact. You know, we are the normal ones; they are the freaks!”

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