Irony Alert: Glenn Beck Falsely Claims He Tries To Correct The Record When He Spreads Misinformation

Glenn Beck opened his radio show on Friday by discussing a New York Times tweet that created a misleading impression about the New England Patriots’ visit to the White House last week.

The Times shared a photo from the Patriots’ recent meeting with President Trump side-by-side with one of the team’s 2015 meeting with President Obama, with the photo of the Obama visit showing a significantly larger attendance. The problem was that the Trump photo only featured the players while the Obama photo featured players and all the support staff. When the Patriots pointed out that the size of the delegations during both visits was roughly the same, the Times issued a correction and the editor who posted the tweet took full responsibility for the mistake.

Beck praised the Times and the editor for taking steps to correct this “fake news” because, he said, most people do not bother to correct the misinformation that they spread.

Ironically, Beck held himself and his The Blaze network up as examples of those who always try to correct the record if they make a mistake.

“We always say we lead with our mistakes,” Beck claimed. “Most people don’t. They won’t put the headline right at the top. We put the headline right at the top, try to do that.”

The idea that Beck is willing to correct the false information he routinely spreads on his radio and television programs is laughable, especially since he continues to repeatedly make demonstrably false statements on air with shocking regularity.

The fact that Beck, of all people, is accusing others of spreading misinformation while holding himself up as a paragon of truth, honesty and integrity appears to be, rather ironically, little more than an intentional effort to mislead people about his own trustworthiness.

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