‘Intercessor’ Claims Demonic Rats Made Trump Back Off His ‘Prophetic’ Easter Declaration

Wanda Alger, "prophetic" minister and author. (Image from WandaAlger.me)

Among the articles being promoted by Intercessors for America in its Headline Prayer newsletter Thursday is a column by “prophetic” author Wanda Alger in which she writes that President Donald Trump’s decision to back off his hope to have America “opened up” and “raring to go” by Easter can be explained by a recent dream she had about demonic robotic miniature rats being implanted in people advising Trump. But fortunately, God is getting ready to give Trump a “spiritual upgrade,” according to Alger.

Yes, it’s hard to describe, so here it is in Alger’s own words:

More than 10 days ago, I had a dream about some rats in the White House. They were like mini-robots being implanted within individuals, controlled by remote. I knew that these rats were going after good people to make them compromise the truth for political gain. I urged intercessors to pray that these rats would be exposed, the connections short-circuited, and the remotes cut off. . . .

I, along with many other believers, felt that President Trump’s declaration for an Easter breakthrough last week was prophetically inspired. Though a long shot compared to the statistics, people of faith were stirred to align with the promise. But earlier this week the President announced that the Guidelines for social distancing have been extended beyond Easter by two more weeks. Because of the counsel from his advisors, President Trump backed off his initial declaration. It appears his prophetic promise has now been postponed. The work of rats?

But Alger is not ready to give in to the “principalities and powers determined to destroy this nation at any and all costs.” She sounds quite optimistic, writing that “what seems like a demonic setback to many might actually be a divine SET UP for glorious days ahead!” She continued:

And yet, even in the midst of this demonic rat infestation, God is working something deep within our hearts to prepare us for what is ahead. He is using everything the devil is throwing at us to equip us for our future. How we respond in this season will determine our readiness and ability to succeed in the seasons ahead. I also believe God is positioning President Trump for a spiritual upgrade that is going to strategically prepare him for the next four years in the White House.

Alger adds:

I believe this crisis has the potential to launch Trump into an encounter with God that will promote him from a savvy businessman to a spirit-emboldened presidential prophet! … Just think of the exploits this President will do knowing the spiritual implications of his mission beyond an economy, health benefits, or national infrastructure! I believe we have only seen the beginning of what God wants to do in this nation under Trump’s leadership. It could be that this worst-case scenario might be the very thing that ushers in a miraculous move of God, starting with our President.

Alger has been a field correspondent for IFA, a fervently pro-Trump network of prayer-warrior “intercessors,” and her writing often appears at Charisma, a pro-Trump media platform aimed primarily at Pentecostal Christians. When the House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump, Charisma ran her “prophetic insight” that included this “message from heaven’s court”: “Those who spoke their judgments against My choice have sealed their own fate. Their verbal assent has rendered them guilty of rebellion and insurrection, and the consequences will be of their own doing.”