Alex Jones Urges You To Shop With Infowars Because ‘This Is A War’

Alex Jones, the leader of the conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, told Infowars listeners that they should purchase his private-label nutritional supplements because “this is a war” and that they should stop shopping “with the globalists.”

During today’s episode of “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones called in from his vacation in Colorado to ramble about the importance of Infowars in fighting global elites and the site’s persecution by mainstream press and social media platforms like YouTube. The rant quickly devolved, however, into a bizarre sales pitch for Infowars products in which Jones shamed viewers who shop “with the globalists” instead of with Infowars.

“I’ve got to go on the offense. This is a war,” Jones said. “And all I’m asking you folks to do is to think about this war and think about where you stand. And I want to thank the listeners that have supported over the years. You’re incredible.”

“But those of you that haven’t gotten Alpha Power, or haven’t gotten Knock Out the sleep aid, or haven’t gotten our incredible Prostaguard formula, for those of you that haven’t gone and shopped with the good guys, but instead shop with the globalists, why would you do that when they hate free market countries? Because voting with your actions and your dollars can change the world,” he said.

Jones later said it is “precious” when viewers share Infowars articles and give their peers “forbidden knowledge” from Infowars printed on business cards.