Idaho GOP Congressional Candidate Michael Snyder Is An Anti-Vaccination, Anti-Fluoride True Believer

Earlier this month, radical Religious Right prepper pundit Michael Snyder announced that he is running for Congress in Idaho for the seat being vacated by Rep. Raul Labrador, who is running for governor.

Snyder, who is a frequent guest on Alex Jones’ program, has been posting videos on his YouTube channel promoting his campaign, including one in which he asserts that he was tapped on the shoulder by God and called to run for this office and another in which he vows that, if elected, he will “use the full power of [his] office to go to war with Planned Parenthood” until the organization “ceases to exist” and “abortion ends in all 50 states, permanently.”

In one video, Snyder declares his “100 percent” support for the agenda of an organization called Health Freedom Idaho, which is a local anti-vaccination, anti-fluoride group, saying that he personally shares their views and has been fighting for these issues for years.

“I’m not just a candidate that’s sympathetic,” he said. “I’ve been talking about fluoride in the water for years, I’ve been talking about vaccines for years … because I’ve heard from so many mothers that took their children in for their shots, they thought they were doing the right thing, and then their children became autistic.”

“This is something that is personal for me and it’s a personal lifestyle,” he continued. “My wife and I, we believe in health freedom, that’s how we live our lives every day.”

“I believe that no community in Idaho or anywhere in the country should be putting fluoride into the water, because it’s harmful and the American people need to know this,” Snyder declared. “I’m not just sympathetic to these issues, I deeply care about these issues because it’s a lifestyle for me and my wife and my child and I’m going to fight for these issues because it’s who we are.”