Michael Snyder: If We Elect Hillary Clinton, We’ll Fail God’s Test For America

On Monday, End Times preacher Michael Snyder appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show,” where he compared the upcoming presidential election to the Garden of Eden.

Just as God was testing Adam and Eve when He ordered them not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Snyder said, so too is God testing American voters in the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“America had a whole bunch of different choices and now we’re down to two, and the very worst choice of them all of everyone that was running is still standing, it’s Hillary Clinton,” he said. “So she represents, I believe, a test for America, maybe a final test.”

Snyder said that if voters pick Clinton, we will fail God’s test.

Alternatively, he said, the election could already be rigged against Trump through massive voter fraud.