Michael Snyder: Liberal Elites May Manufacture ‘Lone Wolf’ Attack On Trump

Earlier this month, End Times commentator Michael Snyder appeared on televangelist Jim Bakker’s “Revelation in the News” program to warn conservatives that “the elite,” in a panic, may “take action against Donald Trump and his family” before the election and then blame that action on “a lone wolf.”

“The phrase that I would use for the time we are moving into right now is the danger zone,” he said. “In terms of the election, we need to be in prayer for Donald Trump and his family for their safety. Because with the polls tightening up, you know, and the elites so desperate to keep him out of the White House, we could see some type of October surprise, we could see some type of where they just try to smear his character even more than they have so far. But potentially, even, we could see in their desperation the elite, who knows what kind of action they could take against Donald Trump and his family. And if something happens, usually, throughout U.S. history, it’s always blamed on a lone wolf. But, you know, if something happens, and they say, ‘Oh lone wolf,’ don’t believe them.”

Snyder and host Zach Drew both acknowledged that “all of the odds” are against Trump at this point. Drew stated that if Trump wins the election, his presidency would be “a divine appointment,” or “a divine happening.”

“If Donald Trump won, I would be amazed,” he said. “I would consider it a miracle.”