How God Intervened To Stop Hillary Clinton And Satan From Killing 90 Percent Of Humanity

Last week, radical right-wing commentator and rabid conspiracy theorist Sheila Zilinsky did a podcast with Pat Holliday of Miracle Internet Church that was every bit as bonkers as its title, “Electromagnetic Witchcraft & Techno Demons,” would suggest. Among the wild claims made by Holliday during the interview was that the government once planned to fake the Rapture using holograms, that the NFL was controlled by “witchcraft powers,” and that if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, 90 percent of the global population would already be dead.

“The government had a plan called Blue Beam back in the ’80s where they were going to fake a rapture of the church through blue beams and being able to shoot holographs up into the sky,” Holliday said, insisting that this was evidence of the “electronic magnetic witchcraft” that controls the world through everything from satanism and astrology to holistic medicine and sports.

“Did you know that the witchcraft powers in America had total control under the NFL over Obama?” Holliday asserted. “What Trump is doing and has done is he has disconnected the NFL from the powers of the former government.”

“Trump is doing a lot of things,” she said, including saving the world from certain calamity. Claiming that there is an “educated and refined witch or a wizard that is pulling the strings” over America, Holliday asserted that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have resulted in a world war that would have killed nearly the entire human population.

“If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency of the United States of America, we may not even be here talking to you,” Holliday said, “because they did have a World War III planned where they were going to destroy 90 percent of the people. What they wanted to do was take control over the world by going down into their underground cities, we would all be dead and then, when it was time, they could come out of their underground cities and rule the world with Satan. That was their plan and they were almost there, but God has intervened.”