GOP Candidate Heidi St. John Hopes to See ‘The Equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials’ Over COVID-19 Vaccines

Early in 2021, Christian nationalist home-schooling advocate, author, and podcaster Heidi St. John launched a bid for U.S. Congress in Washington state’s 3rd Congressional District. Outraged by incumbent Republican Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler’s vote to impeach former President Donald Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, St. John decided to try and unseat her in the GOP primary by appealing to MAGA voters, denouncing public libraries as “evil organizations,” and pledging to “be a mom for America.”

In her bid for public office, St. John has so far secured endorsements from various Christian nationalist activists, including Rick Green of WallBuilders and right-wing pastor Rob McCoy, who will both be campaigning for her later this month. On Tuesday, Christian nationalist pastor Jack Hibbs released a video proudly endorsing his “good friend” and urging conservative Christians to help St. John raise $250,000 by the end of March.

In February, St. John appeared on the Children’s Health Defense’s “Tea Time” program, where she declared that COVID-19 vaccines are crimes against humanity and shared her hope that we will soon see the “equivalent of the Nuremberg trials” in which proponents of the vaccine will be sent “to prison for the rest of their lives.”

St. John said that both of her parents received a COVID-19 vaccine and still caught the virus, with her father ultimately passing away from it. The anger over that, St. John said, must be channeled into holding those responsible accountable.

“We aim our anger, which is righteous indignation,” St. John said. “There’s a time for it, and now is the time. God’s given us an incredible platform. The people that weren’t listening, a lot of them still aren’t listening, but a whole lot are. There’s a whole lot of people listening, and when it’s all told—and it will be told—the truth is gonna come out about this.”

“I just interviewed a microbiologist who’s studied immunology for 28 years, and he believes that these are crimes against humanity that are coming out in the name of money and power,” she added. “I will probably never get over [this]. To me, this is unforgivable, and I think we are going to see the equivalent of the Nuremberg trials when this is over. I hope we see people go to prison for the rest of their lives.”