Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Faithful with Little

  • David Lane reports that “some 30 North Carolina pastors and spiritual leaders will be running for local office in 2022.”
  • Lauren Witzke declares that “we already have Big Government, and the Christian Right is here to take it over.”
  • We’re not sure why Robin Bullock, who hates vaccine and mandates, is praising George Washington for mandating that troops get inoculated against smallpox during the Revolutionary War.
  • Nick Fuentes announces that he is “a proud incel” who doesn’t have time for relationships or sex because he’s “choosing instead to be an historical figure.”
  • Finally, Trump-loving GOP congressional candidate Heidi St. John proclaims that the character of our political leaders should be a primary concern for voters: “Have you been faithful in marriage? … If you can’t be trusted with little, I’m sure as heck not going to trust you in an elected position.”