God Will Remove Americans Opposed to ‘Kingdom of God,’ Says ‘Prophetic Revivalist’

"Prophetic revivalist" Andrew Whelan (L) has been endorsed by dominionist Lou Engle (R). (Image from video posted by Whelan Ministries.)

Andrew Whalen, a “prophetic revivalist” based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, said this week that God had revealed to him in dreams that a spiritual awakening would “sweep through America” and “remove demonic structures and people who have been planted to oppose the Kingdom of God.” Whalen’s message was sent to readers of the online Elijah List and vouched for by dominionist Lou Engle, who has been leading prayers for God to “sweep” the Supreme Court of justices who support legal access to abortion—so President Trump can replace them and bring about an end to abortion in America.

Whalen’s message was filled with the imagery of Seven Mountains Dominionism, which teaches that societal problems are the result on ungodly people controlling the “mountains” of influence in society—government, education, media, arts and entertainment, business, religion, and family—and that God wants today’s intercessors and activists to get the right kind of Christians in place at the top of those mountains.

From Whalen’s message:

Much of our generation has been asleep, living under the sway of demonic narratives. The goal of such narratives have been to empower lies that hold souls under the captivity and dominion of darkness. More plainly, we have seen the fruit of witchcraft upon a whole generation. Because messaging is produced and proliferated from the top of the mountains of society, darkness has long occupied these high places of power in order to control the message. However, this is all about to change!

God is not willing to let a mass spiritual awakening occur in America only to lose the harvest to the demonic messaging coming from the mountain tops of our society. The awakening that is coming, and even now is upon us, is going to sweep through the high places of cultural and societal influence. God is beginning to trumpet a new sound in such “mountains” as government, media, education and entertainment, that will deconstruct the narratives that have captured a generation through a frequency of lies.

Whalen described another “dream for our nation” in which America’s intercessors and prophets had lion’s heads and were “roaring over the nation”:

In the dream, as I looked at one of the prophets of our land, I said, “As the truth is amplified, the demons get pushed to the surface and they have no choice but to manifest themselves before they are cast out.” I knew in the dream that a sound frequency of truth is going to be amplified throughout the land, demons will be driven out, and mass deliverance will result.

“Very soon,” Whalen wrote,  truth is about to be known, and “AWAKENING WILL SWEEP THROUGH AMERICA.”