Rick Wiles Launches Prayer Offensive Calling On God To Remove H.R. McMaster From The White House

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles declared on his “TruNews” program yesterday that only the prayers of Christians can save President Trump from the demonic efforts to remove him from office, and so Wiles announced that he is going on the offensive by launching a prayer campaign to protect the president, starting by asking God to remove H. R. McMaster from his position as national security adviser.

“The church of God is going to pray against this evil offensive and these scoundrels are going to be exposed,” Wiles declared. “If the church does not rise up and wage spiritual warfare, President Trump has no way out of this predicament that he is in.”

“We need to go into battle,” Wiles proclaimed. “I want to use the weapons of the Kingdom of God to take them down. I don’t want to do this anymore, sitting here talking about it; it’s time to to take them down and you can only take them down in the spirit realm because they are controlled by evil spirits. They’re demon-possessed, they’re controlled by evil spirits, their father is the devil and it’s time that the church acts like the church and prays against these wicked, evil people.”

Wiles said that he heard from the Holy Spirit just this morning that McMaster must be fired because he is a globalist who is working to bring down the president.

“I’m fed up with putting up with this stuff,” Wiles said. “From now on we go on the offensive in the spirit and we become warriors against this evil force and we call upon the name of the God of this universe and we ask Him to come and fight for us and defeat these wicked people.”

Wiles then called on God to “enlighten President Trump regarding the disloyalty of Gen. McMaster, his disloyalty to the president and his disloyalty to America … Father, we ask that you remove Gen. McMaster from the White House as director of national security. Let this be done quickly as a show of your force, as a show of your intervention in the affairs of this country.”

“He’s done,” Wiles said. “I believe that with all my heart and mind.”