‘It’s Like A Stealth Thing’: Andrew Wommack Explains How God Is Using Trump To Enact The Religious Right’s Theocratic Agenda

During last night’s “Truth & Liberty” webcast, right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack said that God is brilliantly using President Trump to stealthily enact the Religious Right’s agenda without raising alarms that conservative Christians are trying to impose a theocracy on this nation.

Wommack and his guests were trying to answer a question from a viewer who wanted to know how evangelicals can support Trump despite his “immoral actions, behavior, character, and words,” to which they responded by insisting that “God is using Trump because He loves America, He loves the Christians, and He loves everybody that lives here.”

Wommack said that regardless of the fact that Trump is deeply flawed and “is always saying something offensive,” evangelicals can and must continue to support him because “he has done more to advance and protect Christianity than any president in our lifetime.”

Wommack went on to claim that he has a friend who serves as a religious adviser to the president who knows that Trump has been “born again” but has been instructed to keep his conversion quiet.

“I know at least three people who have prayed with Trump and say he got born again,” Wommack said. “This man believes Trump did get saved but he counseled him not to make this an issue because people would look at it as that is his conversion experience so that he could sweep his past under the rug.”

Finally, Wommack marveled that if an outspoken Christian like Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz had been elected and then did what Trump has been doing, “the liberals would have been up in arms—it’s a theocracy, these are Christians taking over—and nobody is accusing Trump of that. So it’s like a stealth thing, God has snuck in and he is doing more godly things than probably any president in my lifetime has done, but it’s not being done under the guise of a Christian.”