Glenn Beck “Should Be Nobody’s Spiritual Leader”

Ever since Glenn Beck decided that he was really a spiritual leader and started organizing rallies to that end, there has been an evergrowing chorus of Religious Right activists warning Christians to be wary of Beck and his Mormonism.

Now that Beck is organizing another such rally, this time in Jerusalem, we can expect to see more of these sorts of warnings, like this one from the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow:

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of the Prophecy Today Radio Network, travels the world to educate the Body of Christ about the future events foretold in the Bible. While he agrees with Beck politically, he does not agree that the talk-show icon should be viewed as a spiritual leader.

“You might remember the Washington rally last year, and Glenn Beck said repeatedly, ‘this is not a political rally; this is a spiritual rally.’ He is not my spiritual leader,” DeYoung contends. “He should be nobody’s spiritual leader. I don’t believe he knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He is a Mormon, and the Mormon religion says that Jesus Christ is a brother to Satan.”

And the Jerusalem-based journalist has a problem with Beck’s desire to stand with people of all faiths.

“The mass majority of those who may well join with him are replacement theologians,” DeYoung suggests. “They believe that God’s Word has replaced the Jewish people and all the promises in the Word go now to the church. That is called replacement theology; it’s heretical.”