Gavin McInnes Brags About Fight Over Dog Poop With Man Who Looked ‘Kind of Hispanic’

Gavin McInnes showed up to work at CRTV with a black eye on Monday, explaining to viewers that he had gotten into a violent altercation with someone he said “looked kind of Hispanic” and did not respond to his demands in English to pick up dog poop.

During Monday’s episode of “Get Off My Lawn,” McInnes said that he was in New York last weekend and became outraged when a stranger let their labradoodle leave “human size feces” near a park where children play. McInnes said that he became angry enough that he violently confronted the man.

“I went over to him and I said, ‘You’re going to pick that up, right?’ and he said absolutely nothing. So I thought—he looked kind of Hispanic—I thought maybe he doesn’t speak English. And I said, ‘Let me rephrase’—I was pretty eloquent, I’ve got to say, wait until you hear my final line—I said, ‘Let me rephrase that. You’re going to pick that up,’” McInnes told viewers.

He said he got closer to the man and became more aggressive in his demands that the man picks up the dog poop before eventually yelling at the man and shoving him. According to the story, the man’s dog didn’t appreciate the physical attack on its owner and began barking at McInnes, to which McInnes responded by kicking the dog.

“I shove him. This makes the dog angry. His dog begins to nip at my ankles and bark at me, so I kick his dog. Then, he yells, ‘You kicked my dog.’ Perfect English, so I guess he did speak the language, and he lost his temper so he went to strangle me,” McInnes said. “As he came to strangle me, I head-butted him and then his lip split open, he held his hand like this. I gave him a nice one-two, but it was on top of his hands. His dog is still barking at me, I’m still kicking the dog.”

H/t @Kherman112