Fischer: Ann Coulter Is The “Ashley Dupre of the Conservative Movement”

Bryan Fischer has taken a break from his Muslim-bashing to return to what he does best: attacking gays … or, in this case, attacking Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck for being insufficiently anti-gay

Coulter justifies her Benedict Arnold impersonation by saying she speaks all the time in hostile environments, such as Harvard. Okay, Ann, how exactly is this a hostile environment? You’re being welcomed as a heroine, as the Joan of Arc of homosexuality, literally the poster child for “Homocon 2010.” You are the goddess of gayness for the moment.

You will be received with a standing ovation for pandering to a group that wants to put open homosexuals in the same showers and barracks with sexually normal soldiers and is fiercely opposed to any attempt to elevate protection for natural marriage to the Constitution.

You are taking money from people who want to destroy the U.S. military and destroy the institution of marriage. Good luck getting us to believe that’s a good thing.

You accuse Joseph Farah of being a “publicity whore.” But who is the one here literally selling out her moral principles for a hefty wad of cash? If Homocon is Elliott Spitzer, you are in danger of becoming the Ashley Dupre of the conservative movement.

Now you can redeem yourself by taking a strong stand at Homocon 2010 against open homosexual service in the military and against gay marriage. If you take this opportunity to demonstrate your much-vaunted fearlessness by getting right in the face of your hosts, all is forgiven.

Glenn Beck has completely and shamelessly surrendered on the issue of gay marriage, and did so on Bill O’Reilly’s program, only the most watched cable news program in all TV land … You can retract your surrender at your “Divine Destiny” event at the Kennedy Center on August 27. If you do, all is forgiven.

Bottom line: August 27 is the Rubicon for Glenn Beck, and September 25 for Ann Coulter … Here’s hoping – and praying – that both of these two former stalwarts in the cause will come to their senses in time to return to their posts on the wall instead of giving aid and comfort to the enemy.