Far-Right Podcast Scrubs Episode After Neo-Nazi Guest Calls For ‘Revenge’ Against Jewish Groups

(Screenshot / YouTube)

The host of a far-right podcast scrubbed part of an episode last week after ​call-in guest and failed neo-Nazi ​congressional candidate Patrick Little urged live viewers of the program to protest the next American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference to demand “revenge” and appeared to call for violence.

Little called into the end of the Sept. 11 episode of podcaster and blogger Ethan Ralph’s “Killstream” program featuring anti-Semitic broadcaster Ryan Dawson, who peddled conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terror attacks​. ​As Little came on the show, Dawson said he had been in communication with Little but that he hadn’t discussed their communications publicly before. The hosts of ​”Killstream” spoke glowingly of Little initially during his appearance on the program, chuck​ling at Little’s anti-Semitic comments and saying that they hoped to have him on the program as a guest again.

But Little’s final remarks on the​ podcast prompted Ralph to cut a portion of the episode prior to distribution and issue a disavowal. Little suggested that like-minded individuals replicate his own hate-fueled protest stunts outside of the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., where he has held inflammatory signage and spouted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and invoked the 9/11 terror attacks.

“If they have another meeting again​—and you know Israel was behind 9/11 and these pedophile rings and all these murders of the military and electoral leadership, elected leadership in this country​—we can let them know … we can legitimately say with signs, ‘We want to do more than take your aid away. We want revenge. You got any towers laying around you don’t need?’” Little said.

Shortly after Little hung up, Ralph said he had to “completely disavow” Little’s remark. When reached via email, Ralph told Right Wing Watch that Little was not a scheduled guest on his program and that he interpreted Little’s behavior on the show as “erratic.” Ralph said he would not host Little again on his podcast and reiterated his disavowal of Little’s remarks.

“He appeared to be possibly suffering from some kind of schizophrenia, to be quite honest,” Ralph said in an email. “Towards the end of the program, he made a comment that seemed to call for violence, or at least joke about calling for violence. The Killstream has always, without exception, disavowed such behavior. I immediately denounced his comments on air and on Twitter. I also took his section off the show and will no longer have him back.”

“I have a long history of written and spoken statements denouncing calls to violence​,” Ralph continued. “Mr. Little’s behavior is something I have never supported and will never support. I believe I’ve been very clear on this matter and I will continue to operate in that way going forward.”

Ralph’s “Killstream” is a​n online stomping ground for extremist​, far-right voices​,​ featuring a litany of anti-Semites, white supremacists, and conspiracy theorists​ who share their views ​on the program to ​minimal pushback. In response to a Twitter user’s criticism of his disavowal of Little’s remarks, ​Ralph wrote that by hosting his podcast​, he has “done more for white people and white causes than any one of these whiners could ever dream of.”