Election 2016: Trump-et Of Renaissance Vs. Satan’s Shameful Sword Of Ruination!


This election season has seen no shortage of prophetic declarations from Religious Right leaders who view this year’s election as a spiritual war and are convinced that God has sent Donald Trump to save America. Even with all that competition, the latest missive from Jeremiah Ministries stands out in its sheer over-the-top apocalyptic rhetoric.

The nearly 3,000-word email alert, sent under the headline “Beware America: Renaissance or Ruination,” portrays Hillary Clinton as the woman warned of in the biblical Book of Revelation, “drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.”

The letter warns, “The urgency of the upcoming Presidential election is of greater importance than most people can even fathom. Either God or hell will prevail!”

Some excerpts:

America is facing a potential shipwreck of Titanic proportions! God has sent a Trump-Anchor to prevent that from happening! But will the voters of America in the face of staggering corruption, indecency and immorality emanating from the Clinton entourage as implemented and heightened by a solid wall of anti-God press and a stop-at-nothing, criminal Democrat party, pull up that anchor and thereby cut loose the boat that God has sent to rescue this land from ruination?

Or will they choose instead the Woman of Wickedness who hides behind myriad slanderous lies and reprobate deceptions? … Rejecting the God of all creation’s merciful rescue, will the voters opt for the fiendish felon, the Biblical, “woman sitting on a scarlet beast?!” If so, they will deserve what they get!

There is looming in this election a woman who fits a description found in Zechariah, “This is wickedness.” (Zech. 5:8) She soared to power in 2000 in “that great city (New York City) which reigns over the kings (at the United Nations) of the earth.” (Rev. 17:18) …This modern-day Jezebel may become president of that nation which is called in the Bible, “Mystery Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth.”

Scripture says that she will be “drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.” (Rev. 17:6)

What are those “many waters” on which the woman in Revelation 17:1 is sitting? They are the waters which are at the confluence of the Hudson River, the East River and the Atlantic Ocean where the Statue of Liberty was set on its base in 1886…

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wanted to see how Americans would react when presented with the immorality and consciencelessness of this Jezebelian, reprobate perpetrator of lies riding on the Black Horse (Revelation 6:5-6) of Mystery Babylon, the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth…

This election will give us the answer whether God’s anchor or Satan’s woman who rides on his beastly red coattails in the wicked stronghold that he has built in America, with it’s [sic] impending death knell which has turned almost the entire press corps and lying bank of defamers against God’s Trump-et, an imperfect man but who then is perfect except the perfect Messiah, Son of God…

The Jeremiah of Jeremiah Ministries is Jeremiah Ginsburg, a self-described Messianic Jew and “Minstrel of the Messiah” who says that God has sent Trump to bring renewal to America, but, of course, Satan is resisting:

About two years ago, before Donald Trump had even decided to run for the Presidency, as I was teaching on the Woman on the Scarlet Beast in Revelation 17 expecting her to be the next and last president of the United States, I was interrupted by the still small voice of the Lord speaking into my spirit, “Renaissance.” In other words, America was to be given a second chance before “Lady Liberty” in all her destructiveness was to be loosed on this land.

It was some time thereafter, Donald Trump announced his plan to run for the office of President. I immediately knew that this is what God had earlier spoken to me about and that Mr Trump was His candidate to bring a renewal to America. It seemed a miracle was underway.

But because ruinous powerful Satanic strongholds had made extraordinary headway in America, and Satan’s political correctness had succeeded in sweeping God’s laws under the proverbial carpet of unbelief and disdain, Satan was not about to easily surrender his advantage in his dumbing down of the America that so many of us had been so proud of.

And thus, when God sent a man along who would root out the corruption that had established itself through human rebellion egged on by Satan’s hordes of principalities, powers in high places and demonic forces that were anxious to dishonor God (Satan’s sworn enemy), all Hell reared its ugly head and rushed to destroy him calling him every hateful name under the sun, hatching every dirty immoral trick that they could muster up, using the press corps, the Democratic operatives who themselves hated everything godly, decent and righteous, only too happy to dispatch a slanderous campaign to lie, steal and bury this man that God had sent to rescue America from sudden and complete destruction…

Now that you know that this is a battle between Satan and God over the Renaissance or ruination of America and its inhabitants, you will have the information necessary to make the right choice when you go into the voting booths across this land.

Remember, you either help God to blow His Trumpet of Renaissance over America or choose Satan’s shameful sword of Ruination!