E.W. Jackson: ‘Voting the Righteousness of God is Going to Mean Voting Republican’

Religious Right activist and radio host E.W. Jackson posted a video yesterday urging black Christians to leave the “godless” Democratic Party, which he says has become the party of modern-day slavery.

“Vote your Christians values,” Jackson beseeched viewers. “Listen to me carefully because I am urging you to obey God instead of the Democrat machine that is going to use race to dictate to you and manipulate you to vote for their godless candidates on November 6.”

“Voting the righteousness of God is going to mean voting Republican because the platform of the Republican Party is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Christian,” he continued. “The platform of the Democrat Party is anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-family, and anti-Christian … How can you continue to support a party that has declared itself enemies of your faith, your Heavenly Father, your Lord?”

“The Democrat Party gave us slave plantations during slavery,” Jackson added. “The Democrat Party gave us the KKK after slavery. Now, urban welfare plantations have replaced slave plantations. Urban housing jungles have replaced the old slave quarters. Democrats used race to control black people 200 years ago and they still use race to control black people. The socialism that has become all the rage among Democrats is nothing but glorified slavery.”