E.W. Jackson Says Christians Who Voted For Democrats In Virginia’s Election Will Answer To God

On his program today, Religious Right activist and radio host E.W. Jackson reacted to the results of yesterday’s election in Virginia by saying that any Christians who voted for Democratic candidates will have to answer to God for doing so.

Jackson, who lives in Virginia and is considering running for office next year, was particularly alarmed by the fact that transgender candidate Danica Roem defeated longtime Religious Right favorite Bob Marshall, saying that Roem is unable to represent the people of her district because she doesn’t even know who she is.

“Oh, Jesus, help us,” Jackson said. “The first question I would have is how can you represent me when you don’t even know who you are? If you’re confused about that, how can you represent me? It seems to me that you first got to know yourself, don’t you? This transgender thing, which used to, by the way, gender dysphoria, it used to be considered a mental illness, but now, of course, we are all supposed to embrace it as a wonderful thing because people are finding their true selves. It’ll be interesting to see what God says when they stand before Him and whether He adheres to the politically correct nomenclature.”

Jackson also said that because a transgender candidate and a socialist candidate both won election in Virginia last night, “the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves right now, thinking, particularly the ones from Virginia, what in the world happened to our beloved Virginia?”

“The Democrat Party has gone crazy,” he said. “It has gone crazy. And I ask the question again, and I’ll ask it again and again and again—and please ask your friends and your loved ones and your family who still are part of this abominable thing still called the Democrat Party, but you might as well call it the Socialist Party or the Atheist Party or the Godless Party or something. Why are they still a part of that thing? Notice what it is producing. This is what it is producing and you really want to put your imprimatur on that, you really want to put your personal seal of approval on that as a Christian and stand before God and think that that’s not going to be a problem?”

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