E.W. Jackson Says It’s Your Godless Stupidity That Makes You Think He’s a Hypocrite

Earlier this week, Right Wing Watch pointed out the hypocrisy in right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson’s complaint that Rep. Jerry Nadler had warned that President Donald Trump would essentially be “a dictator” if the Senate fails to hold Trump accountable for obstructing Congress in the outcome of the impeachment trial currently underway. Jackson himself, we noted, had called Barack Obama “a dictator” back in 2013.

Jackson addressed the issue of his hypocrisy on his “The Awakening” radio program yesterday by asserting that he is in no way a hypocrite and that anyone who thinks he is one is just stupid “because of their godlessness.”

Jackson insisted that there could be no comparison between his description of Obama as a dictator and Nadler calling Trump a dictator because Jackson was “not a public official” when he made his comment and was simply “advancing a well-reasoned opinion.” For what it is worth, Jackson was not merely speaking as an activist when he made his remark during a Tea Party rally in 2013; he was speaking in his capacity as the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia.

“The question is, ‘Well, Bishop, isn’t that a little hypocritical? If you said Obama was setting himself to be a dictator and then you complained about Nadler claiming that President Trump is a dictator, that does sound a little hypocritical, right?'” Jackson asked rhetorically. “No, it’s not.”

“This is the thing you have to understand about the left, folks,” Jackson explained. “I think because of their godlessness … because of their spiritual deficit, their intellect is very, very superficial.”

“When I say that, I do not mean they’re not bright, that they don’t have a high I.Q.,” he added. “I’m saying that there is an internal malfunction in their intellect that renders them stupid and renders them superficial, and this is an indication of that.”

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