Outraged E.W. Jackson Forgets That He Once Called Obama A ‘Dictator’

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson spent a segment on his “The Awakening” radio program yesterday railing against Rep. Jerry Nadler for arguing during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump that Trump will essentially be “a dictator” if the Senate fails to hold him accountable for obstructing Congress during the impeachment investigation.

As Nadler put it, if senators clear the president of wrongdoing, they will basically be telling him that “he does not have to respect the Congress, he does not have to respect the representatives of the people, only his will goes. He is a dictator.”

Jackson was outraged by Nadler’s comment.

“When you call a president a dictator, when you say he is a dictator, I’m sorry, you should be censured by the United States Senate for putting the life of the president in danger,” Jackson said. “And I mean that.”

Jackson said that by calling Trump a dictator who must be removed from office, Democrats “are trying to stir up some nutcase out there or some person who is just beside themselves out there to say, ‘Well, if he’s a dictator, and you can’t trust the upcoming election, and he’s not removed from office, well maybe somebody ought to resort to violence.'”

“You cannot say that about the president of the United States,” Jackson fumed. “What message are you sending to the country when you stand up and tell people that we have a dictator in office?”

Jackson claimed that if a conservative had ever dared to call Barack Obama a dictator, “there would have been a hue and cry across the land.”

That is a pretty rich coming from Jackson, who routinely called Obama “an agent placed in this country to destroy the United States” and even literally “demonic.”

But, as luck would have it, we happen to have an example of a conservative calling Obama a dictator … and it was none other than Jackson himself during a Tea Party rally in 2013, when he declared that, until Obama, “we have never had a president who systematically disregards our Constitution, ignores our laws, and sets himself up as some sort of king or dictator.”

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