E.W. Jackson Performed an Exorcism on His Critics Over the Radio

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson took time out of his “The Awakening” radio program yesterday to perform an exorcism on his critics.

Jackson, who was the Republican Party nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia in 2013, was upset about having received an anonymous letter in the mail that he took as a threat, which prompted him to conclude that his critics are “filled with the devil” and in need of an exorcism, which he proceeded to perform over the radio.

“What is wrong with these people?” he asked. “Well, we know what’s wrong. What’s wrong is that they’re filled with the devil. That gets them going whenever I say that they’re demonic, but that’s really what’s wrong. I don’t say that to disparage them, I just say that to truthfully describe the problem and, in the name of Jesus, the devil needs to be cast out of them.”

“So if any of you are monitoring the program right now and you are out there on the left hating me and encouraging people to hate me and all of that because I am telling the truth according to the word of God, I say, ‘In the name of Jesus, Satan, come out of them now!'” Jackson proclaimed. “In Jesus’ name, hallelujah. Folks, I can see demons trembling right now.”

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