E.W. Jackson Can’t Understand Why We Didn’t Cheer On His Impulse To Violently Attack LGBTQ Activists

Earlier this week, we wrote a post highlighting a statement from right-wing pastor and former GOP political candidate E.W. Jackson, declaring that if he saw a LGBTQ rights activist handing out pro-gay literature to one of his children, it would take “the grace of God” to prevent him from attacking that person and trying “to beat them into the ground.”

Jackson mentioned our post on his radio program yesterday, saying he was mystified by the idea that he had said anything outrageous and was unable to understand why we were not applauding his to impulse to violently attack a LGBTQ activist.

“I don’t back off from that at all,” he said. “I was simply saying that to point out how angry it would make me. And you know what? The fact that they would highlight that as an indication of something being wrong with me, it shows that they really do not respect the relationship between parent and child at all. They think that they know better.”

Jackson then noted that “it’s been said” that the LGBTQ movement “can’t procreate so what they have to do is recruit and it’s all part of their plan to recruit as many kids as possible, turn them and expand their population,” suggesting that the fact that we did not cheer him on is evidence of that.

“I am troubled by the fact that they do seem to have this sort of proprietary attitude toward other people’s children,” he said. “The fact that they would not cheer me on and say, ‘Well, yeah, he’s right, we don’t want to step between anybody and their child,’ but they didn’t. They thought that was a horrible thing for me to say.”