E.W. Jackson: Obama Needs an Exorcism Because he is ‘Demon-Possessed’

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson declared on his “The Awakening” program yesterday that Democratic leaders like Barack Obama need an exorcism because they are “demon-possessed.”

“I’m very serious about this,” Jackson said. “We’ve got to cast the devil out of these folks. I’m serious. We’ve got to cast the devil out of these folks because—I really believe this—these folks are demon-possessed. They are demon-possessed. They are controlled by the devil. They don’t know it, but they are, which is why they can say some of the things that you’ve heard them say.”

Jackson was especially outraged about Obama’s support for marriage equality.

“[Obama] was the first president to ever speak before this homosexual group [the Human Rights Campaign],” Jackson fumed, “and he went before them and he said he was looking forward to the day when we would all admire same-sex relationships, we should admire them. Now the only person I can think of who can come up with that stuff is the devil, because that’s devilish.”

“That’s demonic,” he added.