‘Donald Trump Is Probably One Of The Biggest Things To Happen to End Times Bible Prophecy’

End Times prophet Erika Grey, who hosts a website and podcast on biblical prophecies, stopped by conservative West Virginia radio host Tom Roten’s program last week to discuss what Donald Trump’s inauguration means for the End Times.

Grey told Roten that while “the trumpet is not going to sound” before Trump takes office, “I will say that Donald Trump is probably one of the biggest things to happen to End Time Bible prophecy.”

She explained that Trump is “going to cause a geopolitical seismic shift” by siding with right-wing movements in Europe and opposing the European Union, meaning that “the EU will then merge quicker or evolve quicker into this final world power that is predicted in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel” and bring about the rise of the Antichrist.

When Roten asked Grey what she thought of Trump’s friendly relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Grey responded that she’s “actually an advocate of that” because it is also the fulfillment of scripture:

In the Book of Jeremiah, there’s a reference that’s possibly talking about the United States, and it seems to be a reference of the king of the north, which would be Russia, and a great nation from the sides of the earth, which would be the United States, going to Armageddon. So there’s a hint there that there’s this relationship. We are that great nation on the sides of the earth, if you look at Israel, that’s exactly where we’re located. So I believe that this relationship with Vladimir Putin is also a fulfillment because it’s opening the door of those relations, and I believe that those relations are positive.

Vladimir Putin has taken a lot of negative press, but if you really look at him, he’s not this horrific dictator, he’s been president a long time, and the Ukraine was an issue between the European Union and Vladimir Putin that we should never have butted our nose into.