Dominionist Johnny Enlow Says Trump Legal Woes Justify Military Coup

Dominionist "Prophet" Johnny Enlow (Image from June 3, 2024 appearance on Elijah Streams)

Johnny Enlow, a Seven Mountains dominionist and QAnon conspiracy theorist, declared this week that all three branches of the federal government have been so “corrupted” that the U.S. military will have to “step in.” Enlow called it a “long shot” that the November 5 election would take place “before the whole thing is interrupted by military presence.”

Enlow, who is associated with the dominionist New Apostolic Reformation movement, appeared Monday with Steve Shultz, who runs Elijah Streams, a streaming platform for modern-day “prophets.” As of noon Friday, the interview had been viewed more than 200,000 times.

After the 2020 election, Enlow said former President Donald Trump would be justified in imposing martial law and calling for revolution. This week, Enlow railed against Trump’s criminal convictions, making a big deal out of Trump’s frequent use of the term “election interference” to describe legal proceedings against him. According to Enlow, the convictions provide “absolute proof” of the corruption in the system, giving the “white hats” in the military full justification to step in. “There’s good reason why a lot of the people are like, ‘What in the world are you waiting for?’ with the proof that has already been made directly to the American people with all that’s taking place.”

In his conversation with Shultz, Enlow compared Trump to biblical figures God used to advance his will, including Cyrus, Moses, Joshua, and Jesus. “The Lord says, ‘I love Trump. He is my ally,’” Enlow claimed, insisting that Trump is a shepherd and “anointed” by God.

Other dominionists like Lance Wallnau have compared Trump to Cyrus, a Persian king who God used to free Jews from in exile in Babylon. On Monday, Enlow read multiple Bible verses about Cyrus, urging listeners to replace “Cyrus” with “Trump” as he and Shultz marveled at how “specific” the scriptures are in applying to Trump. “This is like Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump,” Enlow said, adding that Trump’s “assignment” comes with “higher consequences for global and kingdom matters.” Enlow said even many of Trump’s supporters fail to understand the “destiny” and “mantle of God” on him. “Trump’s assignment, if anything is 10 times larger than what Cyrus’s assignment was.”

Enlow brought in classic antisemitic and modern QAnon conspiracy theories to describe the forces that God has called on Trump to battle: “The Lord has chosen Trump as his ally,” he said. “He will use him to put an end to the empire of Babylon. And now where you see Empire of Babylon, think Federal Reserve, central banks, Rothschild dynasty.”

“So that is what’s being taken now,” Enlow said. “The Federal Reserve, even the religion of those who are what we would call the deep state, the Illuminati, those that are that are part of the cabal, this ruling corrupt pedophilic elite around the world, they really religiously connect completely with the same practices, even the same gods as Babylon, the same Babylon, that Cyrus had to deal with.”

Enlow is currently promoting a documentary called “Big God.” His latest book, “Kingdom Come: Understanding the Reign of God on Earth,” was published this week.


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