Wallnau: Our Government Leaders Are Hand-Picked By Satan

Since I wrote a post a few weeks back about David Barton’s open embrace of Seven Mountains Dominionism, I have gone back and re-read several of the books I have on the topic and have been watching lots of videos about it.  

Today, I came across a video of Lance Wallnau – the leading Seven Mountains theologian operating today – talking about it and he makes two points that I think deserve to be highlighted: 1) that Seven Mountains Dominionism is founded upon the belief that every sphere of influence is literally being held captive by people hand-picked by Satan and 2) it is the obligation of Christians to “seize those high places” in order to bring about the return of Jesus Christ:

The book “The Seven Mountain Prophecy” by Johnny Enlow makes this point even more blatantly:

Elijah will come first and raise up that which will destroy the spirit of Baal and the spirit of Jezebel here on Earth. We are going to take on the false prophet and the beast, and we’re going to annihilate both of them. When they are crushed, we will come to the Lord and say “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God” (Rev. 11:15). We will present the nations of the world to the Lord as His possession. They will be the dowry that the Father is providing for us to present to the Bridegroom. Lovesick for His bride, Jesus will no longer be able to restrain Himself and will burst through the clouds to come sweep us off our feet.

A government can potentially function as a virtual theocracy, but only as the individuals in power allow themselves to be puppets (i.e. servant) of the theocracy (God’s rule and reign.) The goal is to bring the influence of heaven to bear on whatever political machinery that exists …One of the primary roles of future government leaders will be to instruct in righteousness. The more God’s judgments are poured out on earth, the more explicitly they will be able to give that instruction … A new model of national leadership will develop as God exalts His mountain above all other mountains. There will be Joseph-type presidents of nations who will carry great spiritual authority and great civil authority. At various times, these presidents will need to step back and forth between those roles and address the concerns of each. There will be times to address the nation and say “I will now speak to you outside of my civil authority but in my capacity as a minister and servant of God.” One can then address the moral and righteousness issues of the nation and speak out of the spiritual authority God has given him or her.