Does Jim Bakker Think That We Are Part Of A ‘Deep State’ Effort To Destroy Him?

On his television program today, End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker interviewed fellow End Times prepper Michael Snyder about the civil war that is supposedly looming in the United States.

Snyder, an Infowars-loving right-wing activist who recently failed to get elected to Congress, warned that America will soon witness a civil war between those holding differing political ideologies.

“As a nation, we are being torn apart,” he said. “We’re getting to a point where anger and frustration are boiling to such a degree that it’s not going to be just a soft or cold civil war where we’re angrily disagreeing with one another, but where actual physical violence breaks out in this nation.”

Bakker agreed, adding that this supposedly impending civil war is a sign of the End Times.

“Is this the time where Jesus said we would be hated for his name’s sake?” Bakker wondered. “When I was a little boy, to serve Jesus was okay … Now there’s a hatred for the word of God. People have no idea how deep this revolution is. If we hadn’t had a change of presidents, the church would be absolutely in danger of losing its freedoms totally.”

Bakker then seemed to suggest that we here at Right Wing Watch are part of a “deep state” effort to destroy him.

“They have people watch all of our shows and do nothing but fight us,” he said. “The deep state is being revealed … [President Trump] is trying to drain the swamp, but there’s some really crazy creatures inside that swamp.”