‘Jim Bakker Show’ Co-host: Muslim Immigrants Are ‘Coming Here To Destroy America’

On Friday’s episode of “The Jim Bakker Show,” co-host Zach Drew argued that since Muslims can “go right next door to Dubai” to earn a living but don’t, this is proof that Muslims who seek to immigrate to the U.S. want to “destroy America.”

Bakker and Drew were hosting right-wing pastor Carl Gallups to discuss Bakker’s fear that Muslims “plan on taking over nation.”

Gallups said that ISIS was a product of Obama administration policies: “Obama comes, he says, ‘I can help us out, I’ve got a lot of Muslim connections, I can bring peace, I’ll get us out of Iraq, I’ll get us out of Afghanistan,’ and everybody looked and said, ‘Wow, he’s a black guy, he’s smart, he’s sharp and all of these things. Let’s put him in office, we can heal racial divides, we can get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, we can do away with Gitmo,’ all of this stuff, but out that administration came Arab Spring, and out of Arab Spring came ISIS, and out of ISIS comes open borders and the EU and the United States.”

“According to their text, they want to bring chaos to the world, they look for that because from chaos, they believe their Mahdi will appear,” Drew said. “So whenever these Islamic people are coming across our border, people say, ‘What if they’re just nice Islamic people looking, you know, to have the American Dream and to make a life for themselves?’ That’s ridiculous. That’s absolutely ridiculous. First of all, have you ever seen Dubai? I mean, it’s like a kingdom in the Middle East. Talk about the New York City of the Middle East. If you are a Muslim person looking for a good life, go to Dubai. They say that there’s more billionaires in Dubai than in any other country in the world. Why would they wanna come to America? Why not go right next door to Dubai? It’s a plan. They’re not coming here for their American Dream, they’re coming here to destroy America.”