Michael Snyder Loses His Bid For Congress In Idaho

Michael Snyder, the right-wing conspiracy theorist prepper who we were tracking as he vied to represent Idaho in the House of Representatives, lost the Republican primary for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District last night. In fact, Snyder only placed above two of the other seven candidates seeking the nomination.

The New York Times reports that out of the 99,224 ballots cast in Idaho’s Republican primary yesterday Snyder received just 10,255 votes. Russ Fulcher, who won the district’s Republican primary with 42,793 votes, pummeled Snyder by more than 30 percentage points.

(Source: The New York Times)

Synder is a longtime anti-fluoride and anti-vaccination activist who said he ran for office to be President Trump’s “best friend in Congress.” Snyder is already a close friend of Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who recorded a last-minute campaign ad for Snyder published the day before the election. Synder had also received endorsements from Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky and GOP “dirty tricksterRoger Stone in the final days of his campaign.

Synder promised voters that if he had received the nomination, and subsequently had won the district’s general election, that he would take to the House of Representatives floor and “start ranting like Alex Jones.”

But it seems, at least for now, that Snyder’s plan to take over the Republican Party and fill Congress with “Infowars candidates” has been put on hold.