Dave Rubin Says He’s Voting Trump to Protect ‘Freedom and Capitalism’

(Screenshot / YouTube, The Daily Wire)

Dave Rubin, a ​self-proclaimed “classical liberal” political commentator popular among right-wing audiences, says that he will vote for President Donald Trump’s reelection this fall because it is the only way to guarantee that capitalism and freedom survive ​in the United States for the next four years.

Rubin, whose author bio describes him as a “former progressive turned classical liberal,” has found success using his self-affixed liberal identity to critique progressive politics and ​validate right-wing narratives that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by its most radical elements. Dennis Prager once told Rubin that his continued self-identification as a “liberal” was of “great use” to the conservative cause​. Today, Rubin broadcasts his interview talk show on Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV.

During an interview released Sunday with The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles, Rubin joked that he would likely end up farther to the right than Knowles because of his disdain for progressivism. After an interview filled with claims and visions of an out-of-control progressive movement wreaking havoc in the ​U.S., Knowles asked Rubin to share an optimistic vision of the future where sanity is restored.

“If we’re trying to get a roadmap to some sanity in the future, well, I think Trump has to win,” Rubin said. “I’ve been thinking about this a lot. It’s like, you know, every election now, ‘This is the most important election ever. It’s never been more important, you know, our values.’​ Ugh. This time it’s like, man, if he doesn’t win, anything that we remember about America—and I don’t say this as some rah-rah Trump guy—they’re here to ruin, to wreck​ the entire thing. They’re here. It’s here. The ship has arrived on the shore. Do we want to just sit there and watch as they burn our houses down​, or do we want to do something?”

Rubin continued to argue that Trump has to win reelection in order to protect freedom and capitalism.

“Trump has to win. Now, not that that will stop this because it will then cause it to freak out even more. So, I think we’re in for four more years​, crazy years​, for sure. The only way we’re in for four more crazy years that at least continue freedom and capitalism is through Trump,” Rubin said.

He added, “I think 2024​—even though nobody wants to hear the word 2024, right​—I think that’s where this thing really gets reset. I think if Trump wins again​, we’ll have had eight years of Trump. People will be exhausted by it​, but we’ll have survived the intersectional​, collectivist lunacy. Then, you know what happens? You’re going to get a crop of Republicans like ​Dan Crenshaw and ​Tim Scott and maybe Candace Owens, maybe Ben Shapiro, maybe Michael Knowles, maybe Nikki Haley … you will get a crop of truly intellectually diverse people who care, know about America.”

Rubin said that he was personally going to vote for Trump.

“I am voting for Trump,” he said. “I just literally can’t see a way around it. It just is what it is.”