‘Christian Testosterone’ Better than ‘Milquetoast Christianity,’ Says Dave Daubenmire

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire, who pushes right-wing politics along with his “gritty Gospel,” promoted his podcast “The Huddle” in a column posted at BarbWire on Sunday. Like many Religious Right leaders, Daubenmire complains about churches and pastors who don’t share his aggressive view of faith or politics.

“If my email inbox is any indication many of you are sick of the non-confrontational, nicer-than-Jesus message emanating from America’s pulpits,” he wrote. He said that his podcast is “training men, and some women, to grow some hair on their chests.”

Those who join the show believe that Christian testosterone is a good thing. That is something that is sorely missing from the girlie men filling most of America’s pulpits.

If you are sick of milquetoast Christianity we invite you to join our Huddle.

Daubenmire shared the notes sent by one of his listeners after a recent show. Here’s an excerpt:

Fact/Scripture: Jesus commanded us to OCCUPY UNTIL I COME!!!

Intent: Keep the base of operations safe, or expand it for the total reconquest when Outcome: Christ returns leading and to lead his army of Saints IN THIS WORLD to subdue Satan and his allies physically, not just spiritually.  …


Comment: THEY ARE COLLABORATORS – Quislings, Vichy French, Tories, Copperheads.

Daubenmire closed with another pitch for his podcast, promising those who are “sick and tired of weak-kneed Christianity” that his show is “full of testosterone.”

“God is looking for a Few Good Men,” he concluded. “Let’s drain the wimpy Christian swamp.”