Trump Has Survived ‘Close To A Dozen’ Assassination Attempts, Claims Right-Wing Radio Host Dave Janda

While appearing on Greg Hunter’s “USA Watchdog” YouTube program on Saturday, right-wing radio host Dave Janda claimed that President Trump has survived “close to a dozen” assassination attempts while in office.

“I believe there have been a number of assassination attempts on his life since he took office,” Janda said. “I’ve been told that there have been close to a dozen attempts on his life and obviously he has survived those. I believe the difference between JFK and Donald Trump is the following: Donald Trump has the support of the military. Donald Trump, I believe, has not only the Secret Service protecting him, but I believe he also has another layer of protection that he has arranged for, that he’s paid for himself, for him and his family.”

Janda, the host of the “Operation Freedom” radio program, went on to praise Trump’s ability and willingness to carry on with the work of the presidency despite being “under a howitzer every day.

“The fact that he has so many deep state players that want him out of the picture, and the fact that he is willing to put his life on the line every minute of every day, to me is incredible,” Janda marveled.