Dave Janda: The ‘Deep State’ Will Resort to Terror Attacks Because Mueller Didn’t Take Down Trump

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and radio host Dave Janda appeared on the “Dr. Mike Live” program on Monday, where he declared that since Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation was finished and had failed in its effort to remove President Trump from office, the “deep state” would carry out deadly false flag terrorist attacks as part of its on-going campaign against the president.

“You can put nothing past these deep state players,” he said. “They’re evil and they will do anything and everything to maintain power. And if that means a large loss of life of Americans or people around the world, they will not bat an eye in doing that.”

“People have to realize who our enemy is,” Janda continued. “You have to know your enemy, what your enemy is capable of, and what your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses are. President Trump is a student of Sun Tzu, the great Chinese general. What you’re seeing is President Trump implementing many of the logistics, many of the philosophies of Sun Tzu so that the freedom movement can win this war.”

“What to anticipate from the deep state?” Janda predicted. “Don’t put a large false flag, a large terror event or many terror events, don’t put that out of the realm of possibilities.”